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Tree Planting

We maintain a nursery with a large variety of high-quality balled and burlapped trees. Our on-site tree selection and specialized equipment allow us to correctly and efficiently plant 2 trees or 200 trees with equal ease.

Planting trees in our community is a vital part of our commitment to ensure a healthy urban forest for the next generation. Planting a new tree is a lifetime investment, and the growth of that investment depends on proper selection, planting, and care. We source every tree from the most local nurseries possible and strive to promote a diverse, native selection of trees. We recommend trees to match each client's needs and site conditions. Our crews can be trusted to apply knowledge and care in installation. The long term health of your tree can be ensured with programs to aid in establishment in its new site.


The diversity of site conditions and client needs is matched with an equally diverse selection of trees. After a consultation with the client and visit to the site, we can make recommendations for trees that will thrive in your landscape. We look for trees with healthy root systems and good structure, grown in local soils. We strive to provide a tree that will contribute to your landscape for years to come.

FAQ: What tree should I plant?

It is important to recognize that all different species of trees have certain characteristics that make them suitable or unsuitable to any given site. Characteristics such as tolerance to poor soil, drought resistance, fruit production, size at maturity, insect and disease resistance, and may others should all play a part in the decision making process. Although shape and fall color are important, this should not be your only consideration when choosing a tree.

FAQ: What determines a native species?

A native tree is a tree that is growing in a place that it would naturally grow. A tree that is native to Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas may be predisposed to certain problems if transplanted in Kentucky. Similarly, a tree that is found growing in lowlands or by a river bed in its natural setting, may not do well if planted on a hillside or as a street tree in a community.

Proper planting techniques are crucial in the establishment of new trees. Our certified arborists plant each tree correctly, giving it the best chance of a long and beneficial life. Using our Supersonic Air Knife, the soil surrounding the planting is aerated as the hole is dug. Adherence to ANSI planting and mulching standards prevents defects common in transplanted trees.

FAQ: How deep should I plant my tree?

All trees should be planted with their root flares visible at the soil surface. This is the most common problem associated with trees installed in the landscape today. And this is not always the easiest task considering that balled and burlapped trees often are too deep in the root ball in the first place. Our specialized tools ensure that trees installed by Dave Leonard Tree Specialists will be installed correctly every time.

Extended Care

Our Smart Tree Establishment Program (S.T.E.P.) provides a full service annual maintenance package for your new tree. This package includes a prescription fertilization, preventative insect treatment, mulch ring maintenance, monitoring by our ISA Certified Arborists, and a 1 year guarantee. Investing in the establishment of your tree allows for quick recovery from transplant.

FAQ: How do I enroll my tree in your Smart Tree Establishment Program?

S.T.E.P. is proposed along with the planting of all trees by Dave Leonard Tree Specialists. Because it helps to ensure your tree will be well established, we encourage all customers to take part in this program.

FAQ: What is the proper way to mulch my tree?

Mulching can be one of the most beneficial practices to help your tree establish. Properly installed mulch will conserve soil moisture, regulate soil temperature, and add organic matter to the soil making it more conducive to strong root growth. Mulch should be applied 2.5-3.5" deep, out to the drip line of the tree, with no mulch piled on the base of the tree.

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