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Professional Plant Health Care


Does your tree look sick? Have you noticed decline in the canopy of your tree? Has something changed around your tree that has you concerned about its health? Read on...

What is Plant Health Care?

Plant Health Care is a specialized field of arboriculture that deals with insect, disease, and environmental related tree disorders and their management. Problems for trees and landscape plants come in many, many forms; their causes are equally numerous; and their proper management depends on a knowledgeable and thorough arborist to investigate and correctly diagnose the problem.

The Plant Health Care experts at DLTS take part in monthly continuing education programs in order to stay updated and knowledgeable on tree health disorders and their proper treatment. Remember, treatment without proper diagnosis is malpractice! Plant Health Care also refers to the proactive health care of our clients' trees and landscapes. Our team of ISA Certified Arborists understand that healthy growing conditions create healthy plants. Healthy plants are, in turn, the first line of defense against harmful insects and disease outbreaks.

We understand how important your trees are, and we strive to provide each of our clients with pro-active and environmentally responsible Plant Health Care services to address the problems presented by urban growing conditions. For this reason, DLTS utilizes the most cutting edge, scientific and environmentally conscious methods of preserving tree and plant health, including but not limited to:

  • Disease Management
  • Insect Pest Management
  • Emerald Ash Borer control
  • Soil and Root Improvement
  • Organic Fertilizer & Compost Tea

How do you Preserve Trees?

Most of the information provided in this website directly relates to Tree Care and Tree Preservation. A couple of additional methods of tree preservation include:

Vigor Improvement:

Tree health as is noticed above-ground is often directly related to the unseen portion of the tree below ground - its root system. Remember that no tree is native to the Urban or Suburban growing place. Trees affected by poor soil conditions, multiple environmental related stresses, changes in growing conditions; or trees that are mature or overmature -often lose vigor and begin to decline. If this is caught in time, we have methods of improving the rooting of a tree in order to improve the tree's vigor, overall health, and life span.

Structural Support Systems - Cabling and Bracing:

Trees with structural defects or weakened limbs may be able to be supported by hardware that is properly installed in the tree's canopy in order to decrease the chance of tree failure. In this way, your specimen tree may be able to be preserved when it would otherwise be a candidate for removal.

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