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Organic Lawn Care

Dave Leonard Tree Specialists is proud to present a natural, low maintenance system for a beautiful and safe lawn.


Our Organic and Transitional lawn care programs are much more than a simple switch from chemical and synthetic products to organic products. In the realm of land care, “organic” means that we are focusing on creating healthy, living soil that will make your lawn and landscape healthier and more self-sustaining. Our systems are grounded in a knowledge-based and time-tested approach to plant health care which was popular before chemical applications were common.

Botanists have always known that healthy soils create healthy plants. Healthy soils are alive with active populations of beneficial soil microorganisms. Establishing this soil food web is the most effective way to encourage plants to grow expansive root systems. Healthy lawns require less water and maintenance throughout the growing season and enable plants to better resist weed, insect, and disease infestations.

Three main factors: our clients, their landscape plants, and our environment have inspired us to provide this simple, safe and affordable alternative to chemical and synthetic based lawn care programs.

Chemical-based programs – which are currently the standard for turf care in the U.S. – are responsible for:

  • Spreading toxic pesticides and chemicals to the areas where our children and pets play. Our programs greatly reduce or eliminate the use of chemicals on your lawn, making it safe and welcoming to children and pets!
  • Destroying the natural fertility of our soils, making our landscape plants weaker, chemically dependent, maintenance intensive, and expensive. Our programs build the health of the soil, making your turf, shrubs, and trees all healthier and less prone to pest and environmental problems!
  • Polluting our environment. Fertilizer runoff from lawns is the top pollutant of our streams, rivers, and water sources. Our programs will not only eliminate negative effects on the environment but can have positive effects! After all, healthy soil is a natural carbon sink!

It’s safe for you and your loved ones. It’s healthy for your plants. It’s environmentally responsible.

We begin all of our lawn care programs by taking a detailed horticultural soil analysis and customizing a program for your specific property. This analysis allows us to accurately amend your soil in order to create the optimal growing conditions for a sustainable lawn.

Experience has shown that the long-term costs of maintaining an organically managed lawn are significantly less than the costs of a chemically treated lawn. This is because a lawn organically cared for by Dave Leonard Tree Specialists will be healthier and self-sustaining.

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FAQ: When is a good time to begin transitioning my lawn to organic?

A: Any time of the year is a great time to begin treating your lawn organically. Although spring, summer, and fall all call for different organic treatments to your lawn, we can take a detailed horticultural soil sample and begin your program at any point of the year. The sooner your begin the transition, the sooner your lawn and landscape will be healthy, safe, and environmentally friendly.

FAQ: What is included in my organic lawn care program?

A: The building blocks of our organic programs are an OMRI listed granular organic fertilizer and our very own Actively Aerated Compost Tea (AACT) which is brewed at our headquarters in downtown Lexington. Compost Tea is a living soil amendment made by extracting the beneficial soil microorganisms found in high quality compost and vermicompost. We enhance our compost tea with microorganism foods, soil conditioners, and root developers. The beneficial microorganisms in Compost Tea will devour thatch, make nutrients plant available, decrease soil compaction and improve the quality of all types of problematic urban and suburban soils. Our compost and vermicompost are from exclusively local sources.

FAQ: Are there other components to your lawn services?

A: We offer compost topdressing with a unique topdressing machine that provides your lawn with an even application of high quality compost. Compost topdressing adds nutrients, microorganisms, and much needed organic matter to your soil and your lawn. We also offer complete lawn renovation services and possess the knowledge and equipment to effectively solve all of your lawn related problems.

FAQ: Why should I hire a tree care company to care for my lawn?

A: Although our historical specialty is tree care, as educated horticulturalists our services are rooted in soil science, entomology, and plant pathology. Offering a high quality organic lawn care service that increases the health and sustainability of all your landscape plants fits in seamlessly with our company ethos and mission. With all of our lawn care services provided by Kentucky’s only Accredited Organic Land Care Professional, we are the authority for organic lawn and landscape care in Central Kentucky.