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Deep Root Fertilization

Our Liquid Organic Fertilizer, injected directly into the root zone of your tree, is specially formulated for the unique soils of Lexington and Central Kentucky in order to stimulate the fibrous rooting of your tree. This fertilizer is not high in nitrogen because we are not trying to push growth from your tree - a mature tree does not want to be pushed...this can actually stress a tree more. Injected directly into the root zone in a grid pattern, our Fertilizer is a Root Developer that provides rich organic matter and the many nutrients that work together to stimulate a tree's root growth and sets the stage for an improvement in tree vigor.

Simply stated, an increase in the fibrous rooting of a tree allows for the tree to have healthy sustained growth over time. This is our goal to maintain or improve the health of your tree.

It really is all about the soil and roots! 80% - 90% of the health related problems that we see in Urban and Suburban trees originate with deficiencies in the soil and problems with the tree's root system.


Don't overlook this statement. Soil and root issues are often not plainly visible, so they are often overlooked. There is not a single tree or landscape plant that is native to the harsh soil conditions that is created around our homes and properties when soil is removed or compacted. Soils that have been compacted and altered lack oxygen and nutrients that are essential to healthy root growth. Without a healthy root system, a tree will have low vigor, poor growth, or general decline and death.

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