Supersonic Air Knife

AIR_00011 Expand your business and help your client’s trees with cutting edge technology your competitors may not have.

In my 39 years of business I have done my best to keep up with the latest research on tree care. I have also looked for the best tools to serve my client’s needs. On these pages I am sharing information about a tool I have found that makes a significant difference in the way I care for trees.

The Supersonic Air Knife has been the most important development in my tree care portfolio. This tool can be used to excavate sensitive areas without fear of damaging roots, allowing me to address the underground portion of the tree. It has opened up new opportunities in diagnostic work, soil remediation, excavation, planting and tree health care. The danger of damaging underground utility lines is no longer a concern with this tool.

The Air Knife I use, and am an authorized dealer of, is manufactured by Supersonic Air Knife, Inc.   The tool’s design has been scrutinized for over twenty years to perfect it in a multitude of real life circumstances. I find its lightweight construction and ergonomic  design to be easier to use than other air tools on the market.

After successfully using these tools in my own business I began demonstrating them at arboricultural conferences all over North America; and selling them world wide. We are always discovering new techniques with the air knife that help expand the arboricultural frontier. We believe that the  Supersonic Air Knife is a key tool for arborists offering ”complete tree care”, and that it may one day become a necessary for those wanting to expand their service capabilities. 

Contact us today for more information on the purchase or application of this amazing tool, and let us show you how you can expand the value of your business.

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